Grasso Pooh, translating Fat Pooh, is a first issue of Rabbit Italian Comics. It features Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, and Christopher Robin. Plus, the cameo of A.A Milne at the end of the Comic.


Pooh gets hungry and wants Rabbit a Biggest Giantest Largest Hugest Red Hot Pizza made. Soon Pooh gets a Hugest fat stomach and when he got stuck, Rabbit wants to get him out. But stuck, then. Rabbit pulls very hard and squimsh's him and was covered in Blue Blood everywhere from the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher Robin sees Pooh got died from Blue Blood. At the end, Pooh visits the Hospital and A.A Milne makes a cameo at the end of the Italian Comic.


  • Pooh: (Sads)

(His tummy rumbles)

  • Pooh: Ho fame! (I'm hungry!)

(Rabbit gets inside to Rabbit's House)

  • Rabbit: Ciao, Pooh! (Hello, Pooh! Come to my Lunch!)

(Pooh joins the Lunch)

  • Rabbit: Vuoi un po 'piu enorme grande Rosso Caldo Pizza? (Do you want to a more Huge Giant Red Hot Pizza?)
  • Pooh: Si!

(Rabbit makes a Red Hot Pizza turn evenest more Giantest)

  • Rabbit: Godetevi il Vostro Pranzo! (Enjoy the your Lunch!)
  • Pooh: Il Tempo Di Mangiare il Mio Pranzo! (The time of eat the my Pizza!)

("Dopo Mangiare" means "After Eating" in Italian)

  • Pooh: Devo Andare Adesso! Cosi a Lungo, Coniglio! (I have to go now! So long, Rabbit!)

(Pooh got stuck in the Hole and screaming)

  • Rabbit: Stai Bene, Pooh? (Are okay, Pooh?)
  • Pooh: Sono Bloccato Nel Foro! (They are stuck in the Forum!)
  • Rabbit: Non Ti Preoccupare, Pooh! Mi Mettro Fuori! (Do not you worry, Pooh! I put myself out!)

(Rabbit pulls Pooh's back, and squish him out to the Hole. When they two {Like Two Headed Animals} got stuck together and they scream together, he pushes back away. And his Mouth is pluming)

  • Rabbit: E Stupido Vecchio Orso! (And stupid old Bear!)

(Rabbit spanking Pooh's back, Pooh screams, and Rabbit chewing Pooh's back, and Pooh screams very super duper loud)

  • Rabbit: Ohi! Le Mie Orecchie Male! (Gone! The Crumb Ears Male!)

(Pooh deauhing, and his back begin to bloating)

  • Rabbit: Ratti! (Rats!)

(His back gets squimsh that made Blue Blood covered in everywhere from the Hundred Acre Wood)

  • Rabbit: Stupido Vecchio Orso! (Stupid Old Bear!)