Magician Rabbit is the paralell version of Rabbit, seen by Piglet. He lives in Chess Land, doing spells, though some of them go wrong and turn him into animals. He only appears in the The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode A Knight to Remember

Eeyore the Dragon roared around Chess Land, which caused trouble. One day, the Bishopper Bounce found Piglet and thought he was a knight, so took him to King Pooh, bouncing into the magician, who was about to conjure up a knight himself. However, his spell didn't work and turned him into a frog.

He later turned himself into a bee to enter King Pooh's palace, when Piglet, not knowing he was the magician, tried to swat him. Rabbit then turned himself back into his old self and convinced Gopher's paralell self to give Piglet a magic shield. After the spell failed and turned him into a pellican, he tried another one to remind Piglet, when he was turned into a turtle. He was also present when Piglet was made the knight to remember, then made Eeyore the knight and later said goodbye to Piglet when he returned to his world.


Spell 1Edit

This was the first spell Rabbit cast up. It was suppoosed to conjure up a knight, but turned him into a frog.

Oh, great woozes and mighty what-nots, hear my magic words! Eye of potato, ear of corn, carrot cake and vegtable stew, bring us a knight! Who fights dragons too.

Spell 2Edit

This was the second spell Rabbit cast up. It was supposed to make Piglet's shield a magic shield which couldn't be broken, but turned him into a pellican.

Alakazam and hallapballoo, make this shield strong as 10 shields times 2!

Spell 3Edit

This was the third and most powerful spell Rabbit cast up. It was supposed to turn Piglet into the boldest, strongest knight ever, but turned him into a turtle. However, Piglet used it to cure Eeyore.

Magnificent magic, most mysterious, make-mac-me, make a monster into monster of a marmalade.