Narrazione Dalla Torta Di Compleanno, translating Narrative From the Cake of Birthday, is a 2nd Rabbit Italian Comics starring Rabbit.


Rabbit finds a Rainbow Birthday Cake. When he sees Winnie the Pooh, his stomach made into a squishing Spirit and Rabbit got away, soon Rabbit asks Darby to put Rabbit some Clothes right, then she lost his clothes and rain away to his home. Rabbit put some Darby's Clothes. He made up like wearing like the Lifeguard, soon he finds as Rabbit Tracy to find a Birthday Cook. He see some of Dick Tracy's Rogue Galleries, later chasing Rabbit. Rabbit got a Rainbow Birthday Cake and goes home and eats it.


  • Rabbit: Vado a Trovare Alcuni Auguri Di Compleanno! (I'm going a find some best Wishes of Birthday!)

(Pooh's tummy hurts)

  • Pooh: Oh caro! (Oh Expensive!)
  • Rabbit: Cosa C'e Che Non Va, Pooh? (What that no, Pooh?)
  • Pooh: La Mia Pancia Si Sente.. Qualcosa? (The my Belly it feels.. Something?)

(Pooh's tummy shows a Spirit comes out, then Rabbit rans away)

  • Rabbit: Qui, Darby! Prendete I Miei Vestiti Come Un Bagnino! (Who, Darby! Take my Clothes how a Lifeguard!)
  • Darby: Grazie! (Thanks!)