Pooh Oughta Be in Pictures is the first episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It first aired on January 17, 1988. As a reward for Christopher Robin eating all his vegetables, he along with Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger go to the theater to watch Birdzilla, a scary monster movie. During the film, Piglet gets scared and thinks the movie is real and the monster will get him. The gang tries to convince him that it is only make-believe and proceed to make own monster film to prove it.


The episode starts with Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger running away from something in a scientist's monster house. They run into a lab and are chased into the under the table. It is revealed to be a mummy, but it is soon revealed to be a fantasy of Christopher Robin's and the mummy is Christopher Robin's Mother wanting him to eat his vegetables. Tigger encourages him to eat his carrots and Christopher Robin reluctantly does, collapsing with disgust. He wakes up and Christopher Robin's mother states he will miss his monster movie. Piglet is shocked, as he thought they were going to see a cartoon.

At the Hundred Acre Wood Theater, Piglet assumes Birdzilla is smiling, but Tigger maniacally laughs at him, shocking him. Then Tigger sees refreshments and Pooh goes to get some. Tigger claims the monster will eat the whole city and perhaps a whole country making Piglet run into the board and bump into Christopher Robin, making him lose all his candy and making the Esher blame him.

At the movie, Tigger states Birdzilla isn't a real monster when Piglet sees a giant spider and he thinks it is real, jumping on Pooh and making him lose his Honey Crunch Bars. He goes under his seat to find them and Piglet gets stuck in gum, thinking it is a spiderweb. He gets Pooh stuck with him until Christopher Robin gets them unstuck. Then Tigger switches places with Pooh to see if his half of the movie is scarier. This flings Piglet into the air and he gets scared of a statue and lies in Christopher Robin's Popcorn. He explains, but Christopher Robin and Tigger explain that it is not real, just shadows on a screen. Then they perform a song and return to the wood.