King Rabbit

Rabbit as the King

Rabbit is one of Pooh's friends who has a garden and a grudge against Tigger's bouncing.


Rabbit first appeared in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, where he invited Pooh to lunch and he got stuck in Rabbit's front door. During that time, Rabbit had to use his back door, stopping Gopher from giving Pooh some honey and then pushed Pooh out when he was thin again, when Christopher Robin, Kanga, Eeyore, Roo and Gopher were pulling. He also appeared gathering the carrots Pooh sent flying when hy was flying Piglet.

He also gathered at Christopher Robin's House when the Hundred Acre Wood was flooded. He also was bounced by Tigger, so he, Pooh and Piglet took him to a misty location he had never been before, but when they lost Tigger, they kept going around in a circle and after being enraged by Pooh who said they should walk back to the sand pit, he wandered away and got lost and bewildered. When his mind played tricks on him, Tigger found him and Rabbit realized Tiggers never get lost.

On winter, Rabbit was ice scating when Tigger slipped into him. Later, he tried not to help when Tigger was stuck up in a tree until Tigger promised never to bounce again. He forced Tigger never to bounce again until Kanga convinced him to change his mind. He also helped to find Christopher Robin in Pooh's Most Grand Adventure, trusting Owl's map until they got lost. He then learned he was smarter than he thinks.

He also appeared in the Italian Comics since 2014.